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Natural products can still cause allergic reactions

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Natural products can still cause allergic reactions

The incidence rate of contact allergies (also referred to as contact dermatitis) in on the rise. Often times, itís difficult to directly link the responsible allergen to the skin reaction. Avoidance of the triggering factor(s) is the simplest solution, but when the cause is unknown, patch testing and considering a personís history of exposure to various chemicals or environmental influences can help to determine the source thatís producing the rash. Some causes of skin contact allergies include certain flowers or pollens, poison ivy, ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products (especially perfumes and preservatives), adhesive tape, latex, rubber and glue products (used in footwear), and nickel (commonly used in costume jewelry). The most important aspect of the treatment for contact dermatitis involves avoidance or limiting exposure to the allergen. People in specific professions are more susceptible to developing occupational contact allergies, such as health care professionals (latex allergy), hairdressers, mechanics, machinists, construction workers and those who process various food products.

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