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UV protection during the winter

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UV protection during the winter

UV radiation is generally more intense during summer than in the winter. However, depending on the altitude of the location where you live and play, UV levels during the winter can still cause photodamage to your skin. Winter sports are often performed in the mountains, where the UV levels are frequently higher than in lower lying regions. Additionally, UV radiation is further intensified by reflecting off snow, which explains why people commonly get sunburned from engaging in winter sports. Also, winter UV exposure is particularly harmful to your eyes. A temporary, but painful, loss of vision and inflammation (snow blindness) of the conjunctiva and cornea can occur, which is caused by exposure of the eyes to bright sunlight and ultraviolet rays. With this in mind, sun protection is an absolute necessity when you are doing winter sports. Wear high-quality sunglasses (wrap-around styles are best), even on cloudy days. Apply a minimum SPF15 broad-spectrum (UVA + UVB protection) sunscreen on all exposed body parts (e.g., face, neck, hands). Donít forget your lips - look for lip balms formulated with sun-blocking agents. You can easily incorporate UV protection by using a moisturizer thatís formulated with UV filtering ingredients.

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